First TV Performance in 1980

Where it all began

Every band has a story to tell and legendary cult band ’The Rifffs‘ (not to be mistaken with ‘The Riffs’) are definitely a band worthy of that story. From landing a record deal in the early 80s with Alternative music distributed by Pinnacle, to having their debut single ‘Dance Music for the 80s Depression’ played by the world famous DJ John Peel which also hit high in the British Alternative charts , this band has more than a story to tell. But the greatest story of all is the fact that their first single stood the test of time and till today is considered a timeless classic .

The Reunion

Since reuniting in 2006, The Rifffs MT, as they are now known, have  released two albums. Moonstomp in 2009 and Can’t Stop the People in 2014. This enabled the band to tour outside of their home country of Malta and play numerous gigs in the Czech Republic and Germany.  In 2015 they fulfilled their dream of performing in the UK at the International Ska Festival and various other venues throughout the country. The following year they performed at the Boomtown Fair Festival in Winchester, UK.  The band are now working on their third album which is scheduled for release in 2021.